Our CEO shares why our focus on building our organisation’s values and culture creates the right environment for really great Online English Teachers.

James, our CEO, believes that an organisation’s purpose informs its values, which in turn create the right culture.

This in turn impacts on the success of everything else in the organisation, including the teaching centres, the teachers, and –most importantly- the student experience.

He shares some insights about how TRGTC’s values are aligned in order to deliver on this: “At TRGTC, we have identified our purpose and values as a collective. We live these values daily and they drive everything that we do.

Our values include:

Everyone Is A LeaderWe believe that leadership is about growing and developing our people. We do this by empowering all our people to recognize when their colleagues are living the values and to acknowledge this publically with their peers. In this way everyone is encouraged to grow and develop. It creates a powerful organisational tool for building the company’s culture!


Take Care Of Each otherWe recognize that we’re all human beings and we know it’s important to look out for one another through the ups and downs of life. This has a huge impact on the morale of all the individuals and teachers here as well as in the company as a whole – resulting in a happier workplace.


Audacious FunWe all spend most of our waking-life at work, so it doesn’t make sense to spend it somewhere that isn’t fun! We try to ensure that there’s always an opportunity to have fun at work and enjoy what you do here! We’re creating a place to be your best possible self.



Respect Matters: Without respect everything falls apart. It’s not just about respect for the company, but also it’s about self-respect, respect for our clients, respect for the students, respect for our suppliers and respect for our environment too. Respect is the central building block for all organisations, as well as for society itself.


Always Better: If you’re going to do anything, we believe that you should always do it well. You can always keep improving. Excellence and perfecting a craft, like teaching, is a life-long journey. We always strive to keep improving daily on both an individual basis and as a company. It’s all about always getting better for our clients and for their students.


Nothing Less Than An Ecstatic Customer: Without a customer you have nothing in business! We’re not satisfied with only having happy customers, rather we want to deliver such great teaching experiences and online lessons that both our clients and their students are so ecstatic with that they become our biggest fans! That’s something we strive for and work towards everyday.


Honouring The Impact Of Education: The art and science of education is one of the most important tools that the world has to improve itself and make a better place for all its inhabitants. By doing what we do in the online education space, we believe that we can bring the world a little bit closer together and make it a little bit better for everyone!”



Thanks for sharing, James!

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