Meet Some Of Our Management Team

Hi Celestina, so tell us what your work at TRGTC involves?

A huge part of my role, as an Online Service Supervisor, is to make sure daily operations run smoothly. Also, people management is a big part of my role, including making sure my team of Team Leaders can manage their Online English Teachers effectively. Quality management is important in my work, which means we need to make sure that our clients get exactly what they want from the online lessons our teachers provide to their students. We always want to keep our clients (and their students) happy!

What does TRGTC do and how is it different?

TRGTC provides teachers to our client’s students, who are learning English as a second-language. We recruit and manage Online English Teachers, at our Teaching Centres, or Home-Based teachers, via Virtual Teaching Centres. We’re different because we do what we say we’ll do: we provide Great Teachers, 24/7. Guaranteed. We do this by recruiting the right people as teachers, managing them properly and by looking after them so that they can be the best teachers they can be!

What does the work of an Online English Teacher involve?

It’s all about facilitating an online lesson. You’re providing a safe space for the students to practice and speak English to the best of their ability, while at the end of every lesson they must feel that they have some key takeaways of things they’ve learnt during it.

What makes someone a good Online English Teacher?

It’s very important to be a positive person who is able to provide positive reinforcement when communicating with students in online lessons. You need to be personable, because the students need to like you. Also, you must be adaptable.

What qualifications do you need to become an Online ESL Teacher at TRGTC?

A completed tertiary qualification is a must as well as a TEFL or CELTO certificate.

Thanks for sharing, Celestina!

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