Hi Shannon, so tell us what’s involved in the work of an Online ESL Teacher?

As an Online English Teacher, we inspire and teach at the level of the students. We teach with professionalism and enthusiasm, creating a safe space for students to explore their English language learning. It is important to encourage students to express themselves, in group based conversational classes to promote confidence for real-world scenarios. We make use of an array of topics, which not only assist in the development of fluency but also build students’ conversational coherency. In this we aim to build a solid foundation for each student, which instills them with confidence with the improvement of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. It’s a really good feeling to know that we as teachers play such a vital role in our students’ development. At TRGTC, we are always working together and providing an environment that not only nourishes the students but the teachers as well.

What makes someone a good Online English Teacher?

Being a good English teacher is about understanding, compassion and knowledge. It means being able to relate and understand who your students are and why they are here to learn. It’s important to not only teach but to have the patience and the willingness to learn alongside your students. It’s about finding the balance between ensuring the development of my students, whilst constantly developing myself as an individual too.

Tell us about your career journey and how you became an Online Teacher?

After completing my Honours degree in Fashion Design, I worked as a Head of Wardrobe at my University’s theatre. In this role, I worked alongside students, while aiding and assisting them in the creation of their productions. My time with the students sparked a love and an interest in teaching, which led me to pursue this profession here at TRGTC. I found it a very welcoming, warm and friendly environment here, which made me realise that I had chosen the right path! It has been a welcome challenge here and one in which I constantly strive to better myself.

What do you enjoy most about being an Online English Teacher?

The best thing about being an Online English Teacher is being able to share knowledge, create connections and know that you’re participating in the personal and professional development of the students (who are continually investing in themselves too). It’s a truly inspiring role to undertake, knowing that the effort we put in today is providing the growth of others on other continents that are many miles way!

Thanks for sharing, Shannon!

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